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These have the widest distribution of any frog family. They are abundant throughout most of the world, occurring on all continents except Antarctica.


Bicoulored Frog

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The bicolored frog is a species of frog found in the Western Ghats of India. The tadpoles of the species are black and form dense and compact schools in slow moving streams in forested areas.

Bronzed Frog

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Individuals are not shy and react by jumping only when provoked. They are found abundantly on or close to the ground near water. They are important prey of many species of snakes, including the the vine snake.

Fungoid Frog

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Their upper parts vary in colour from brownish-red to bright crimson. Vomerine teeth in two oval oblique groups between the choanae. Head moderate, depressed; snout moderate, hardly as long as the diameter of the orbit, subacuminate, moderately prominent; loreal region concave; nostril nearer to the end of the snout than to the eye; interorbital space rather narrower than the upper eyelid.

Wide-spread Fungoid Frog

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Wrinkled Fejervarya

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Appears in central western Ghats, India